Transforming Money into

Sacred Exchange

Please take a moment to read our philosophy of "FEES"


We see Money is a form of Energy. Often, "payment" for services is not viewed of as a form of reciprocation but feels more like a debt.


As Healer-Psychic Mediums, we are offering a unique opportunity for deep connection with an energetic reality beyond the physical tangibility of this 3D world.


In exchange, we request that each recipient, take a step into their heart space, and feel what amount of money they are guided to give.


 We realize for some, this may be new and a little difficult. ​

   So we extend as a guide:

 -- Most Psychic Mediums offering to facilitate an Astral Travel journey to someone’s home planet or star of origin and meet with the beings there, would customarily ask for  $125-$230 USD / Session.


Understanding that each of us occupies a unique space on the economic spectrum we gratefully accept the amount that is best for you. 


Using this new process of energy transfer, will hopefully move us to view the flow of money from an obligation of debt to an exchange of love, and thus toward a higher consciousness in how we live.

So, AFTER you have traveled to your home of origin and experienced the energies of this planet or star,  ​please remit your Sacred Exchange for our services below. 



Many blessings and peace,

Pat and Sujith