Connecting You to 

Your Soul's Galactic Home

We  feel blessed to have been working with the Galactic Council of Light

for these past 5 incredible years, and are 

now ready to guide all the beautiful souls out there 

to connect with their planet or star of origin! 

Join us on an amazing  Astral Travel Journey to visit your

Soul's Galactic Home & step into a

Deeper Connection and Understanding of the Energies beyond Earth!

What is a Soul's Galactic Home ?

A Soul's Galactic Home is the star or planet where your soul was first incarnated and began all your journeys throughout the universe, gaining knowledge and wisdom as you embarked on many adventures while travelling throughout different star systems.

Why is it so Important to Connect with My Soul's Galactic Home?

Connecting to your Family of galactic stars will help your soul not only connect to the energies of your original brothers and sisters, but also to meld with the star core energies at a conscious level.


This deeper connection to the energies of your past may bring you to a greater understanding of your true self - illuminating aspects of your character that have been pursuing important tasks and goals to aid in your own ascension, and for the highest good of humanity, our blessed earth, and the universe.

How Does This Work?

We will meet you on an online conferencing app called Zoom where we will connect our energies together to astral travel through space and time through the help of our crystal grid that creates an interdimensional portal for us through travel with our guide to the star system you have come from. The session will be recorded so that you will have an audio file for future reflection.

What Should I Expect?

This spiritual journey is an opening into your consciousness. Everyone will have a unique Experience. As per your psychic abilities, you may see, hear, smell, taste or feel into your star system!


The energies of your core star system help to heal certain emotions and grant you a window into seeing and understanding more about your true self. Through this interaction with your home star, many may begin to experience changes in their psychic abilities, and some may even start channeling messages from their home star systems! Everyone will have a Unique experience as per their soul energies.

Is there Anything Special You Need to Do Before Connecting?

Nope. Just be open and accepting; have no expectations or predisposed notions about your Star Energies.

Do We Each Have One or More Star Homes?

Yes, most people have incarnated to at least 8 or 9 locations. Souls who have inhabited 20 or more star homes are called Ancient Souls; most of these are highly evolved spiritual gurus, scientists, and researchers who are sharing their expanded views of reality, new understanding and wisdom from their journeys throughout various galaxies with those on the earth plane.


Meet Your Guides

We both will be guiding you on this remarkable journey. Please sense into our energies through the small brief about us below. We are from different parts of the world and have connected together to bring this Beautiful Initiation to all.



Hi, Sujith Kumar here, I am a holistic healer for last 7 years Working with different modalities of healing and also doing Galactic Council Meditations which we have recently began offering to the public. I work with Crystals and Crystal Grids and also do Crystal Skull Healings and with other Ancient Energies of Gods and Goddesses that we have been Channeling throughout our journey and spreading the light.

bus card pat sq.jpg

Hi, I'm Pat Ulrich20 years ago, I stumbled serendipitously into what has become my journey in the healing arts. I fell in love with this magical world and have since studied several modalities including:  Quantum Touch, Reiki, The Wonder Method, WaveForm, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mediumship, Psychic Protection, and Transcendental Dowsing. And in 2017 I founded a new healing modality called  DamselFly Transformative Healing. 

Today, I combine these modern techniques and ancient disciplines to offer unique healing sessions to address physical pain & release karmic /emotional issues. I meditate with the Galactic Council. I am a channel of Divine Light for groups in meditation, and am Divinely guided during private healing sessions.