Immerse yourself in this amazing recording of a beautiful Vega Star soul that came to and shared their Light Language.

We thank all the lovely beings who are connecting with us to bring these high frequencies to the earth now.

A Soul's Galactic Home is the star or planet where your soul was first incarnated and began all your journeys throughout the universe, gaining knowledge and wisdom as you embarked on many adventures while travelling throughout different star systems.


Connecting to your Family of galactic stars will help your soul not only connect to the energies of your original brothers and sisters, but also to meld with the star core energies at a conscious level.


This deeper connection to the energies of your past may bring you to a greater understanding of your true self - illuminating aspects of your character that have been pursuing important tasks and goals to aid in your own ascension, and for the highest good of humanity, our blessed earth, and the universe.